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Learn New Skill with Digital Marketing Course | Attractive top Jobs after Digital Marketing Training Certification | 100% Placement Support  | Youtube, Blogging, Freelance Business Courses and Adsense Money Making Training

Why Marketer Academy?

At Marketer Academy, We teach Digital Tools + Marketing Psychology.

Digital Marketing Tools

We provide practical exposure of essential and advanced digital marketing tools used in lead generation and digital promotion eg. WordPress, Hootsuite, SEMRush etc.


We will show you how Facebook, Search Engines, Social Media Channels, Video Channels, Content Platforms, & Paid Advertising Channels Work for businesses

Marketing Psychology

Without Marketing sense, knowledge of tools and digital tools is waste of time. So we try to develop marketing psychology and human marketing sense.

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Be Digital Jobs Ready

Earn From Digital Medium

Grow Your Business Revenue

Establish as Digital Expert

DOn’t Trust US Blindly!

We are preparing digital marketers. We believe without A/B Testing (Try Many Choose One) there is no success in digital marketing so we want you to do your first assignment before course, that is choose right training for your digital career after testing (DEMO Class).



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Frequently asked questions

65-70 Hours + 3 Hours for Course Objective based training.Such as for Business Person we arrange training on following topics.

  • How to Hire Digital Marketing Workforce for Company?
  • How to analyse Digital Marketing Progress Report?
  • How to Choose Digital Platform for Business Marketing so you can save money , time, and resource

No, But No one is unemployed after completing training from Marketer Academy. 

If You are asking for number of topics then 50+ ( 30 Minute to 3 Hours Long Topics we cover in our course)

Yes, we have collaboration with digital marketing agencies for Internship program.

Student’s Feedback

“Now I am digital ready. Happy to be part of digital marketing course provided by marketer academy. Now I know what I need to do and what i need to ignore when it comes to digital promotion for my family business”
Ajeet Rana
Manufacturing Business Owner
“Got placed after 3 days of training, it was point to point training and they prepared me for interview in best way thanks for such a nice platform for digital marketing skills”
Dilip Sharma
SEO & Blog Manager in Startup
“My MBA degree never seems useless after getting trained from Marketer Academy for Digital Marketing. Now I understand how I can built my and grow my internet business from scratch & minimal investment”
Ragini Gupta
Fashion Enthusiast and Blogger
“Now I left my teaching job and working as full time MOM and Part time social media manager for 4+ clients with perfect balance of personal and professional life balance. Thanks”
Rubi Khan
Housewife & Social Media Manager

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What We Teach You

marketer academy digital marketing course in indirapuram ghaziabad

PPC google ads course

Learn both sides of search engine marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Advertising (PPC). We teach advance & updated content to make search engine marketing concepts clear.


SEO Course

Search Engine Optimization” is a practical application technology of SEO, which deeply analyzes the working principles of search engines, keyword research, code optimization, website structure optimization, link building, strategy correction, and network integrated marketing.


At the same time, SEO is a very wide audience Every day, hundreds of thousands of people search for the keyword SEO on Google.


There are students, webmasters, practitioners and entrepreneurs in related positions. We know that search advertising (PPC) investment requires a relatively large amount of capital investment, which means that PPC inherently has an invisible entry barrier, but SEO does not have this threshold.


I hope that through the introduction of this course, more students can Engage in and benefit from SEO learning and practice.

This online course provides learners with videos of teacher teaching, text portions of teaching content, textbooks that can be learned, and test questions to test learning effects. It is suitable for on-the-job or distance learners.

marketer academy digital marketing course in indirapuram ghaziabad
marketer academy | digital marketing course in indirapuram ghaziabad

social media marketing course

In response to the current major changes in the business model and marketing model in the mobile internet and self-media era, the Enterprise Marketer Academy tailors Social media marketing practical training courses for middle and senior managers and front-line marketing planners of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is designed for students We have established a complete knowledge system for mobile e-commerce and new media marketing, cultivated students’ practical skills in new media marketing, promoted enterprises to renew their vitality in this transformation and baptism, and built a strong new media marketing team with Internet thinking .

According to Facebook background data, more than 80% of people use Facebook on mobile! In the mobile shopping trend, grabbing Facebook ’s traffic will also capture a large source channel for mobile shopping in the next few years. Time to welcome the mobile shopping boom!

It is a pity not to use Facebook for foreign trade B2C, but how to use Facebook to do accurate marketing in the end, the “Facebook Marketing” course provides a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how to use Facebook for precision marketing and how to use large-scale marketing

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Digital Marketing institute in Bhopal
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