90% of traditional companies will be closed In the future, and more than 90% of the talents will be “liberated”

Why do we often hear of “company” failures, but not of “people” failures? This is because the company is the basic unit of traditional society, and all reactions are only transmitted to the “unit”.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the needs of the entire human race have been harmonized. At some stage, the world needs a certain product, and the product is standardized.

At this time, the best way for capital to profit is to implement a “mass, single product” development strategy, that is, to unite many people to produce a certain product, such as oil, weapons, daily necessities, etc. This is the company’s formation logic.

At this time, in order to improve production efficiency, the company needs to maximize the consistency of goals and behaviors. This will eliminate the “human” differentiation and mechanize the “human” into a thousand people.

The order is issued by a few people at the upper level and executed by the majority of people at the lower level. This forms a top-down “pyramid” structure and affects the structure of other teams and organizations in the society, and even the entire society is a large one. pyramid.

The company (or other organization) then became the basic building block of traditional society and commerce. The efficiency of the company determines the value of its existence.

The inefficient company is eliminated, and people are only a part of the company. If the company that has been closed down, you can work for another company.

Therefore, people always have food to eat. But in the Internet era, we were surprised to find that companies are no longer the basic unit of society, and a large number of individuals have been liberated, and individuals have become the basic unit of society.

In the era of the big industry, personal hobbies and needs cannot be accurately linked, but can only be classified and uniformed, but the Internet can accurately and efficiently stimulate individual needs and connect with the individual’s strengths, and do their best to meet their needs.

For the driving force, strive to achieve “multiple service individuals” docking with “multiple personalized needs”, so that each individual can realize self-worth, and turn “face-to-face” into “point-to-point”, which is the basic principle of Internet transformation.

A large number of designers, consultants, drivers, lawyers, accountants, babysitters, etc. have begun to leave the company for development, or are in a state of semi-detachment. Special small businesses that could not be established due to market size in the past can now use the Internet to find customers; in the past, personalities that could not be met due to information barriers could also use the Internet to find producers.

Undoubtedly, as the level of big data, cloud computing, and customization is getting higher and higher, this trend will be deduced faster and faster.

At this time, we can find that many “traditional companies” no longer have value, and their work processes are long and slow. Everyone has to spend a lot of energy to cooperate with the work of other departments. Synonymous for “inefficient”.

Moreover, many traditional companies start from resources, relationships, and imitations in many cases, and this is the real reason why many companies fail.

The rise of the individual and the sinking of the organization are the most influential changes of the moment. It will not only make many companies “disappear”, but will also profoundly change the organizational structure of the entire society.

This is an “unorganized organization”. A large number of individuals produce collaboration on various platforms. This platform seems to be “organized and undisciplined”, but an individual idea or action will affect the organization of several organizations.

Operation, this is the fusion effect and fission effect, the energy released is huge. As a result, society has changed from a pyramid shape to a mesh shape, accompanied by the upgrade of “people”.

For a time: I don’t need to know who I am, I just follow the order and do things.
Second Degree: It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is how much I can play.

Third Degree: Who am I? What can I create for the world?
With the upgrading of this dimension and space, people’s initiative and independence will become stronger and stronger, and the space available for development will also become larger.

This also represents the particularity of our generation. We can experience the three epochal characteristics of “people” in just a few decades, and we are fortunate to have entered the three-dimensional space and started to think deeply about the world and everything Confused, down to the reflection of self existence.

Human creativity can be brought into full play only at this stage. In the future organizational structure, there will still be links, and there will still be individuals in the links, but these people are parallel and independent.

This is a set of unordered order. And it must be that professional people are located in professional links to do professional things.

This is the organizational change of the society. Just like in future wars, all departments can fight on their own and be reduced to zero.

It requires both individual soldiers to have efficient combat capabilities and efficient organizational coordination capabilities.

In the future, the more scarce and more skilled a person or company is, the more valuable it is. Irreplaceable is equivalent to infinite value.

The last wave of dividends in the Chinese economy was the “demographic dividend”, which was calculated on a per capita basis.

The next wave of dividends will be the “heart dividends”, which will inspire everyone’s deep love and interest. Many niche interests, niche values, and niche dreams can be fulfilled. This is called a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending. This is the foundation of a great society.

In fact, the current social process is the process by which people find themselves back and take their place. This is the way out for the Chinese economy, it is also the way out for enterprises, and it is also the way out for each of us.

Therefore, human homogeneity has also become the biggest obstacle to social progress. Even more frightening than product homogeneity is human homogeneity. According to the logic and progress of change, society will usher in a wave of elimination of “people.”

Who you are in the future is more important than what you do.
Social development has gone through the following stages.
● Fast fish eat slow fish.
● Big fish eat small fish.
● Big fish slows down.
● Small fish eat big fish.

The so-called fast fish eat slow fish means that those who seize the first opportunity will eliminate those who know slowness and slowness. Many of these people already have their own companies and factories.

The so-called big fish eats small fish means that after these pioneers succeeded, they began to monopolize the control of industry resources, making it increasingly difficult for small companies that grew up to do so.

The so-called slow-moving of big fish means that when these companies move towards stability, it will be difficult for the ship to turn around, and the speed of innovation will be slower and slower, and tools such as the Internet will not really be in place.

The so-called small fish eats big fish means that when the Internet matures, those small businesses and individuals who are separated can find their own precise goals. They act separately, just like ants and soldiers, slowly slowing down the market that should belong to the “big fish”. Eat away. This is what is happening now.

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