💼 What is Manpower Outsourcing Service?

Manpower means the number of people working or available for work or service.Outsourcing is a practice where a company enters into an agreement with an external agency to perform certain operations or functions. Manpower outsourcing is a process in which an outsourcing agency provides staffing services to address the manpower challenges faced during growth, business expansion, project launch, channel expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and fast-changing business needs. Manpower outsourcing agency provides a stable platform which holds your people the same way during different phases of your business. Have more questions about Manpower services? Talk to us

💼 What is Staffing Outsourcing Solution?

Staffing is the practice of hiring eligible candidates in a company for specific positions. The term ‘Staffing’ is associated with the recruitment, development, training and compensation of the managerial personnel. In management, staffing is a process of recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills, knowledge and then offering them specific job roles accordingly. Have more questions about Staffing outsourcing? Talk to us

💼 What is the Process of Staffing?

Steps involved in the manpower staffing process are: Estimating requirements. To hire the right number and the right type of employees, you must know the requirements first. Staffing Steps :Recruitment > Selection > Placement and orientation > Training and development > Compensation > Promotion > Performance appraisal Want to Outsource your Staffing Process ? Talk to us

💼 Does Easy Source provide IT manpower services?

Yes, Easy Source HR Solutions provide IT Manpower Outsourcing Services. We are working as trusted manpower service providers in several industries. Easy Source is particularly specialized in Manpower services for constructions, IT( Information Technology), telecom, banking, production, manufacturing, Government Sector, & Education Industry. Want to discuss your industry? Talk to us

💼 What is the main role of manpower service provider in India?

Manpower provider is a staffing agency. Manpower outsourcing companies are often referred to as “ temporary staffing services providers”. The staffing agencies in India provide a bridge between qualified indian workers and the businesses that require its people outsourcing services. Planning to onboard a manpower & staffing partner for your business in India? Talk to us