Growth Hacking Strategies : Low-Cost Growth Tactics and Tools

Growth Hacks Tips and Tools for Startups

There are very less new words in digital marketing glossary got this much Growth in less time like ” Growth Hacking”. Growth Hacking is buzz word in startup & online business growth industry.

Growth hacking is a low-cost marketing strategy that uses out of box ideas and creative ideas to reach a higher goal of growth of business. Growth hacking is all about utilizing less resources and gaining more traction and business success.

Growth Hacking involves innovation in marketing landscape and lots of creativity during implementation of growth hacking marketing executions.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Going to mention Growth marketing tips in which some tactics are proven by top companies on Internet and some are suggested by top digital growth hackers like – Nail Patel, Sujan Patel.

Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups , SaaS Companies, E-commerce businesses and other online businesses.

Pre-Launch Growth Hacking Tactics

  • Get Featured Your Product & Startup on Beta testing Communities like Product Hunt, Hacker News
  • Create online press campaign using HARO like platforms
  • Event Hashtag Hijacking execution like “Dog is chasing you in dream
  • Use ” an offer they can’t refuse” Lead magnet to increase your email list size
  • Mention and feature influencers in your Industry on social media and blog
  • Create Drip Email Marketing workflows and keep your most useful KPIs in mind during funnel and campaign workflow planning
  • Use social APIs to ease sign up and sign in process for users
  • Create micro goals to calculate engagement
  • Set Up “always in-front of eyes” Metrics Dashboards
  • Use Your Email List to Grow Your Social Following
  • Leverage “middle class #tags” on Instagram & Twitter ( Not so popular, and not so unpopular)
  • Track Branded Mentions using , Mention & Google Alerts

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