Impacts of Coronavirus Pandemic on Digital Marketing Market in India

Our world is going to change very soon, unfortunately this change is not positive one. All markets are down and some businesses will be wiped out by virus and its economical effect.

A big drop in demand

It’s time to rethink about marketing, & ad spent strategies after coronavirus downturn. This deadly virus has changed alot of things around us. Consumers will spent less money on many non essential products and services, on the other hand, companies would look for more sales and conversion.

Facebook Ads may not give conversion

Your company may need plan B, if your business rely on Facebook ads conversions. Companies are seeing a drop in Facebook conversion rate so you need to rethink your ad spent plan on other channels.

But this COVID-19 disaster is not only impacting Facebook ads conversions rate but other social media and ads channels also going to face same downfall.

Organic traffic is down for all of us

This is first time in history, almost all sites ( except -political, news portals, like streaming and gaming sites etc.) going to loose organic traffic even there is no BIG Google algorithms update.

Source Niel Patel Traffic Drop due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Now, you can see huge drops in organic traffic of all Indian sites in most of the Industries.

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