How to set up Amazon PPC advertising

Essential for Amazon operations is certain product drainage and exposure skills. Today we will take a look at Amazon PPC advertising settings!

When launching on Amazon PPC, you need to create your ad, name and group. You can choose between manual and automatic methods. Amazon generally recommends relevant names and words for you automatically, but if you are particularly familiar with your product, we recommend that you manually select ads.

First, Amazon PPC advertising setup steps

Click to navigate ADVERTISING-Campaign Manager

Amazon PPC Advertising Settings

Enter the advertising management interface-give the advertising plan a name-daily budget (minimum 1 US dollar)-start time and end time-set automatic keywords or manual keywords

Amazon PPC Advertising Settings

Next fill in the ad group information

Amazon PPC Advertising Settings

This completes the PPC ad creation.

Detailed explanation of Amazon PPC advertising settings


Keyword bid is $ 0.2-0.5 higher than Est page 1 bid, which is already an advantage. If it is more than $ 1, it doesn’t make much sense. Because the click price is a combination of the bid of the second place + the percentage of the difference between the first place and the second place + your performance. In other words, there is a certain amount of upper limit, not that the higher the bid, the more competitive.

In fact, advertising booths are similar to search booths and have their own ranking system. The ranking of search booths is determined by factors such as sales volume and conversion rate. Advertising booths are generally determined by your Performance and bid. Therefore, sellers who ca n’t find their own advertising space quickly remedy their account performance.

2. Advertising order quantity

Don’t think that you can place a large number of orders by advertising. This is the biggest relationship with your product. Remember that “product is king”.

① Suppose a new product, which does not have the same model on Amazon, has been advertising for a period of time, the click rate is, but the conversion rate is too low. You have to consider whether there is a big market for this product, and pause this advertisement in time to analyze it yourself.

② If it is not a new product, then you should consider whether there are any problems with your listing. Pictures, titles, and content have been optimized over and over again.

3. Keywords

In the Amazon A9 algorithm, keywords are related to search weight, but in the eyes of sellers, Amazon keywords are an important way to attract or allow buyers to search for their products. Buyers may see in keywords Product color, style, function, usage, model, etc., the more information, the more specific, the better, it is better to be different from competitors’ products, or buyers want to see.

● Keyword writing

 In order to fully match the keywords searched by the buyer, and to get better weight when the buyer searches, the most effective way is to grasp each precise Of traffic. This requires sellers to fish from the word sea, search the most, convert the most, click the best keywords.

The second method does not need to consider so many things, it is necessary to fill in a large number of keywords in the search term, write as many as you can, and separate the keywords with commas. For ambiguity or word matching. The game is to win by volume, increase the exposure, and the traffic is naturally large, although not very accurate. But there are so many things.

The degree of competition affects the filling method and effectiveness of Search Team. When a customer searches for a keyword, A9 displays the search results and ranks according to the relevance of the keyword. Therefore, there are three cases of the search word and the keyword you filled in:

Exact match (i.e. the search term exactly matches the keyword you filled in)

Phrase match (i.e. part of this keyword is consistent)

Fuzzy matching (i.e. only a few matches in this keyword)

It is necessary to do a keyword survey

To summarize:

Search Term perfect = competition survey + the above two basic ways

● Keyword entry rules

① Amazon search algorithm does not recognize punctuation marks, especially Chinese punctuation marks, so when filling in keywords, it is best not to use punctuation marks to separate, just use the space bar to separate them.

②Keywords cannot be repeated. In the Amazon search algorithm, when repeated keywords are judged to be cheating, and buyers always see duplicate words, it also affects the reading experience.

Third, the keyword analysis report

I ’m just unfamiliar with the product. I can use the broad word for advertising in the first two days, but after a day or two, start analyzing your keyword report.

Pick out the words with high “hot search words” and “conversion rate” and make precise word advertisements.

Amazon PPC Advertising Settings

After downloading the report, open it with Excel:

PPC Advertising on amazon

The conversion rate can be seen from two aspects, one is the CTR click conversion rate (that is, the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions), and the other is the cost-to-sales ratio of ACOS ads. ACOS can be seen directly in the advertisement.

1. If the CTR is too low, it will be a very bad reflection for advertising booths and competitiveness, then the effect of advertising and booths will be greatly reduced. For example, Amazon feels that it has given you a chance, but if you do not fight for it, you do not grasp the chance, then they will not give a second chance. CTR too low solution: change the main picture that attracts the eye

2. ACOS has two elements to consider:

First, the in-page optimization of the product. If there are few top reviewers, few high-quality pictures or videos, the review does not even have 10, and the overall four-star down, then the on page experience may be poor, then you must be careful Now, either improve immediately or don’t advertise easily.

Second: go to the business report to see your ASIN conversion. If the conversion is low, such as less than 1%, this shows that this listing market is not very competitive and needs to be optimized. As for how to optimize the listing, it is from the picture , Title, selling point, Review, etc., fully optimize the details of the page information.

Sellers need to be aware that not all products sold on the Amazon platform are suitable for PPC. It is suitable for products with small competition and high profit, because even if only one order is generated for 100 clicks, the profit of a single product is enough to fill the advertising investment; on the other hand, if N clicks are required for a single click to return low, then there is no need for investment.

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