Corporate Digital Marketing Training for Employees

Digital Marketing Course in Jabalpur

Digital Marketing Corporate Training for Employees

Digital Marketing Corporate Training for Businesses


Enhance your Company’s Workforce Skills with India’s best digital marketing corporate training

Now these days, Digital Marketing skills are essential for corporate employees. We Provide latest and advance “Digital Marketing Corporate Training” for corporate employees in PAN India.

Based on Online Marketing Skills demand in India, we have curated on-demand Customized Corporate Training program in Digital Marketing for Marketing, Sales, Senior level and management level employees to enhance their digital marketing skills.


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Enterprise & Business Digital Marketing Course Benifits

Our Corporate Digital Marketing Training Helps professionals to do things better on web. After training, Trainees will be able to.

? Run Marketing campaigns on Internet

? Create Content for Corporate blogs

? Effectively Sell products online and grow company’s eCommerce business

? HR team can hire internet professionals effectively

? Generate instant leads for your business using Pay-per-Click Skills ( PPC) a.k.a Ads on Google

? Employees can pitch your clients effectively

? Your employees will learn to manage company social media accounts like a pro.

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Enterprise & Business Digital Marketing Course Benifits

In an era where everyone is online and connected all the time, data is also being generated anytime, anywhere, and it is recording the behavior and business opportunities of everyone social media marketing corporate training India every business.

business promotion sites in India is the big challenge in India, Marketer Academy give the best solutions for experienced professionals for internet marketing training

Digital marketing based on the Internet and data is becoming a major marketing tool for companies.

Digital marketing methods such as search marketing for business, social marketing for business, EDM, DSP, live marketing, data marketing, and accurate recommendation based on big data are constantly emerging.

The Internet is connecting everything, and technology is changing the business environment. Whether it is the CEO, CMO, or CIO, all have to face a digital marketing era for corporate training on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat.

pace in recent years, and marketing transformation is inevitable for enterprise search engine optimization training. Considering that there is no college in India that provides professional digital marketing system education.

As a well-known university in the media industry in India, Communication University of India has many well-known professors and theoretical academic knowledge in the advertising industry

Digital marketing-based college-In Digital Marketing College, fills this gap. In 2013, the college will open branches in East and South India.

Since the establishment of the In Digital Marketing Academy, it has trained more than 200 corporates, mainly aimed at middle and senior management and senior marketing personnel of enterprises.

After concentrated learning, trainees will get a systematic digital marketing theory and practice education training. After returning to work, many corporates applied their knowledge to corporate marketing and achieved very good results.

In addition, the college undertakes customized training courses for enterprises.

The corporate will undergo professional systematic analysis and positioning, customize training courses for the corporate marketing department, and help companies do a good job of marketing in the digital media environment.

Popular Enterprise Digital Marketing Training Modules

  • Content Marketing / Blogging Training
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization Training
  • Pay-per-Click / AdWords/ PPC Training
  • Online Lead Generation Training
  • Facebook Ads Training for business
  • Social Media Management Training
  • Content Marketing Training for B2B & B2C Businesses
  • Blogging & content based digital marketing training for corporate



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Digital Marketing Corporate Course Modules

” For advanced and A-Z digital marketing corporate course we decided all essential modules of digital marketing course based on current industrial demand”

Note: We Provide Customize-Corporate digital training solutions.So ask our corporate training experts how to choose digital marketing course content for businesses and enterprises.

Marketing is the lifeblood of an enterprise. However, due to the lack of marketing analysis concepts and methods, a large number of staff in the marketing department and sales department cannot effectively use a large amount of data accumulated by the enterprise. Marketing analysis only stays on data and information.

The simple summary and journal-style notifications lack in-depth analysis of customers, business, marketing, and competition. As a result, decision makers can only operate based on instinctual responses, and there is a great risk of mistakes in decision-making.

Training Objectives This marketing training course focuses on the analysis and statistics of marketing data, and teaches how to mine the laws and hidden information behind the data. By studying this course, you will be able to master important concepts and advanced skills of marketing data analysis.

This marketing training course focuses on the analysis and statistics of marketing data, and teaches how to mine the laws and hidden information behind the data. By studying this course, you will be able to master important concepts and advanced skills of marketing data analysis, and improve the level of scientific management and scientific decision

Digital Marketing Training for Business Features

  • We Provide Customize Digital Marketing Corporate Training Modules as per business’s growth need and requirements.
  • In-Office Training facility for large number of employee groups.
  • Theory, Practical, Test Sessions during digital marketing corporate workshop training
  • Marketer Academy’s  Digital Marketing Mentors are experienced experts in online marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Google PPC Ads ( aka Google Ads)
  • Our corporate digital training is suitable for HR, MARKETING & Sales team in any Enterprise.
  • Our corporate training in digital marketing has latest and updated digital marketing course content & digital marketing course syllabus and practices during our corporate training course.
  • We Customize our corporate workshop in digital marketing based on business’s profile and employees designations.
  • Marketer Academy provides Certificate of corporate digital training to all attendees and participants of our practical digital marketing training program.

In recent years, with the renewal and iteration of technology, the traditional resource-driven advertising model is facing a bottleneck. Digital marketing has emerged at the historic moment, and its connotation and extension have continued to expand. Some emerging marketing models and marketing technologies have become new driving forces in the marketing field.

1. What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is a “technical + data” dual drive, which transforms traditional marketing online and intelligently, thereby helping enterprises to build a process of consumer omni channel access, precise interaction and transactions. 2. Why digital marketing?
In the era of the digital economy, due to the consumption of scenarios, the diversification of channels, and the integration of products and services, companies have begun to use the “+ Internet” thinking model to restructure the marketing chain. How to realize customer value as the core, open up the research and development, marketing, sales and service links, and promote business-to-digital integration and digital-to-business operationalization have become more aspects of enterprises. 3. Digital marketing model:
In view of the customer’s all-contact system built by SaaS software and its significant advantages in helping enterprises achieve data and business two-way empowerment, it has become the mainstream model of current digital marketing solutions.

4. What does a digital marketing vendor do to develop multi-terminal application software for enterprises such as Web management system, APP, H5, applets, etc., to provide business process management, knowledge management, website and digital resource management, artificial intelligence-based human-machine The interactive system has been applied in many directions such as finance, industrial cloud, supply chain management, and enterprise information management.

5. What is the use of digital marketing platforms?
Digital marketing solution providers can help enterprises to converge, process, and quickly empower upper-level applications by building digital marketing platforms based on digital platforms and microservices architecture for enterprises. To achieve rapid development and iteration of enterprise business.
As the Internet industry experiences a period of demographic dividends and mobile vents, media resources continue to concentrate on Internet giants, intelligent marketing has become a general trend, and the importance of driving data traffic efficiency through data and technology will become more prominent. social media training in jabalpur

Social Media Marketing Corporate Training Modules

Social Media Marketing Course Content:

  • Hashtags & Social Media Trends
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Business Management
  • Twitter Advertising & Traffic from Twitter
  • Instagram Advertising & Management
  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Youtube Video Marketing
  • LinkedIn  Advertising(Ads) & LinkedIn Company & Profile Management
  • Quora Community Management Training to boost content marketing efforts for businesses.


Who can join Social Media Corporate Training?

  • CXOs ( Decision Makers)
  • Sales Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Advertising & Branding Team
  • PR & Communications Team
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • CRM Team
  • Creative Team

Search Engine Optimization Course Module for Business

SEO Course Content:

? What is Search Engine & Importance

? Marketing Before SEO & After SEO

On-Page SEO

? Relation between Content & SEO

? Keyword Research & Placement

Off-Page SEO

? Good & Bad Backlinks

? Find Untapped Backlinks Opportunities on Internet

search engine marketing course in jabalpur

Who should Participate for SEO Training

  • CXOs ( Decision Makers)
  • Sales Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Advertising & Branding Team
  • PR & Communications Team
  • Content Writers
  • HR Managers
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • CRM Team
ppc digital marketing course jabalpur

Pay-per-Click Course Module for Business

PPC Course Content:

? Google Ads ( Formerly : Adwords)
?Types of Google Ads, Display, Search, Shopping ( PLA), Video & App Ads
? Quality Score &Its Value
?Ads Campaigns, Groups, Ads & Keywords
?Negative KeyWords
?Keywords Types( Exact Match , Broad Match, Modifiers, Phrase Match)
?Landing Page Tools
?CTR & Its Importance

Who should Participate for PPC Workshop Training

  • CXOs ( Decision Makers)
  • Sales Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • CRM Team

Corporate Digital Marketing Training Course Details (PDF)

Digital training for business can improve overall performance and productivity of your business. Download Corporate Digital Training Syllabus to know the content of our business training program.

Download Corporate Marketing Syllabus PDF

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Corporate Digital Training Feedback

Amit Garg: (Hindustan Abrasives, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad)

Marketer Academy trainers provided latest and practical training to our digital marketing team. We are very happy with their corporate training in SEO, PPC & Blogging.


Shobhit ( A and S Craft,Sector-63, Noida):

We are happy with corporate training solution provided by marketing academy. Our team is now skilled with digital marketing practices and happy to be part of digital marketing workshop.

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Digital Marketing Corporate Training FAQs

How does digital marketing course help sales team in company?

Digital marketing training helps sales professionals in corporate by enhancing sales qualify leads though various digital marketing channels and practices & online marketing skills enhance reach to the business related channel partners and thus provides more points of sale.

How does digital marketing is helpful for Administrative staff?

Digital marketing skills can Help in better & lower cost procurement for your business related material sourcing through boosted reach and enhanced connections between new vendors and suppliers.

What is duration of corporate training on digital marketing?

Our corporate digital marketing training duration varies from 2 days to 15 days. Corporate digital marketing workshop and training duration depends on modules that need to be covered in digital marketing corporate training program.Connect with our corporate training team for further discussion.

Do you provide a certificate for employees after completion of corporate digital training?

Yes, We do provide corporate digital training certificate from our Organization ( Marketer Academy) with 3 Certificates from Google & 1 MSME Digital Marketing Certificate.