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If you are looking for digital marketing skills, certificate, & Online Marketing practical training near Indirapuram, Vasundhara, Vaishali, Raj Nagar, Vijay Nagar then Marketer Academy covers all topics of digital marketing training at Ghaziabad Education Center. Marketer Academy covers complete digital marketing syllabus and all latest modules in digital marketing certification course.

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Course Implementation Logic Course Practical

The International Business School’s new media and digital marketing direction uses “macroeconomics”, “microeconomics”, “strategic management”, “advanced management” and “applied statistics” as the core courses of the degree, which means that students understand the overall and Individual economic operation rules, while training good mathematics or mathematics and economics literacy, master the basic theories and methods of management and statistics.

Compulsory digital marketing courses in Indirapuram, ghaziabad to enable students to master Digital marketing thinking, and support subsequent big data user behavior analysis, communication, content creation and deeper field learning; guide students to develop marketing data analysis capabilities, master the methods and strategies of big data precision marketing in the Internet era, and use marketing analysis tools The application of technology and methods accurately targeted the target customers, and estimated the company’s market size, market share, pre-sale growth and incremental indicators; at the same time, train students to have new media communication strategies and methods for the subsequent new media operations. The study lays an important foundation to help students build a complete strategy and method for the core of new media marketing.

As India has become the world’s sixth largest economy, the distribution of India’s GDP will inevitably change year by year, and the proportion of the tertiary industry (that is, various services or goods) will inevitably increase year by year.

The corresponding commercial channels, forms, service content, media display and other aspects need to be adjusted and modified in time to cope with the rapidly changing international market.

At present, the commercialization of big data and artificial intelligence makes collecting data, mastering data, and mining data vital to enterprises. Therefore, senior staff who master new media and digital marketing are essential for the future development of the company.

Based on the master’s-level management discipline theory and skills, Marketer Academy focuses on the combination of traditional marketing and information technology applications. The new media marketing curriculum focuses on mining and insight. The profession behind the marketing value of data. The purpose of this direction is to train students with equivalent academic abilities to learn methods and skills of business data analysis, and to learn modern economic management theories and programs, so that they can develop scientific and reasonable community marketing, new media marketing, precision delivery, digital marketing, etc. Strategy.

New Media and Digital Marketing Course training

Currently one of the most dynamic, fastest growing and largest teaching departments.

Make students (such as on-the-job postgraduate students, masters of new media and digital marketing, financial technology, business data analysis, etc.) become transnational, cross-cultural management talents with international vision, strong knowledge application capabilities and self-development capabilities.

Marketer Academy aims to train students with modern economic management theories and programs.

By mastering business data analysis methods and skills, we can formulate scientific and reasonable community marketing, new media marketing, accurate delivery, digital Marketing and other strategies, high-end talents that promote the upgrading of business models while growing up.

At our Digital marketing course training, Through the study of “Internet and Mass Communication”, students can master the perception and understanding of new media and digital marketing; through the two courses of “New Media Marketing” and “Internet Content Creation and Operation”, students can master the media platform Operational ability; through the study of “microeconomics”, “macroeconomics” and “big data user behavior analysis” three courses, so that students master business data analysis and decision-making ability; by studying “digital marketing”, “applied statistics “And” Internet Public Relations and Crisis Management “three courses to enable students to master the production ability of marketing strategy; through the study of” Enterprise Strategic Management “and” Advanced Management “two courses to enable students to master the corresponding management capabilities.

New media and digital marketing direction background

New media is a media that can provide personalized content to the masses at the same time. It is a communicator where the communicator and the recipient meet together, and countless communicators can simultaneously personalize communication with each other.

New media is also a broad concept. It uses digital and network technologies to provide users with information and entertainment services through the Internet, broadband local area networks, wireless communication networks, and satellite channels, as well as computers, mobile phones, and digital televisions. Therefore, it has a profound and extensive influence on the people, business, and politics. Corresponding courses have also emerged in the channels of equal masters, masters, and graduate students.

As new media has gradually penetrated into people’s lives, new media marketing based on Internet digital technology has emerged at the historic moment, which has given birth to new values ​​and changed consumer behavior.

At the same time, the continuous improvement of digital marketing technology and the gradual reduction of technology application thresholds have driven the continuous development of India’s digital marketing industry.

Due to the trend of precision marketing, without any reduction in popularity of new media marketing, and the emergence of new video marketing courses with short video marketing, new media and digital technology are becoming more and more important in corporate strategy and business management.

Therefore, high-end talents who have comprehensive knowledge in management disciplines, are good at using business data analysis, and can formulate strategies such as integrated marketing cases, community marketing, and precise advertising are becoming the requirements.

Why You Should do Digital Marketing Training?

Digital India & Startup India Campaigns bringing change in IT sector and India is adopting startup culture so internet related jobs and career opportunities are created by Startups like flipkart and uber in India. Every shopkeeper and business man is trying to built their online presence and without online marketing expert skills there is no way to brings millions of shops and business online.

In next few years there will be more than 100000 jobs in digital marketing field in India.

Still do you have doubts about joining digital marketing course in Ghaziabad?

1. How to use data to achieve efficient digital marketing

This is a concern for almost all students. In this part, the big class focuses on the various methods and advantages and disadvantages of today’s typical data-driven digital advertising. Based on the data application perspective, a reasonable approach to digital marketing for different industries and scenarios is suggested.

At the same time, it also comprehensively and systematically explained the application of today’s mainstream digital marketing delivery technology solutions, including the application and value of DMP, Trading Desk, and delivery solutions based on private domain data.

2. How to use data to optimize traffic

Participants from Party A are generally concerned about the improvement of traffic ROI, that is, how to analyze and optimize traffic. This part also occupies a very important proportion in large classrooms. Including classic traffic value analysis models, Engagement Index models, and binary models (typically Engagement-ROI models) .

It also introduces the very important attribution analysis, the principles, methods and applications of attribution models.

The situation on the web side and mobile app side are also specifically explained. In addition, it also lists the actual combat traffic optimization in three main scenarios.

3. Operation of in-depth customers

How to use data to drive deep operations is also a concern for many students. In this large part, the big class focuses on two major sub-systems:

One is the operation of consumer experience and transformation, including the use of data to interpret consumer experience and optimize consumer transformation.

Second, starting from the core three elements of deep operation, a data-based deep consumer operation methodology based on data acquisition, data integration, contact construction, label construction, and rule construction was constructed. It also focuses on industry application cases.

In addition to the places mentioned by everyone, there are many contents such as: principles and applications of CDP, consumer tracking and data capture in various scenarios and touch points, identification and protection of traffic cheating, and analysis of applet data And optimization. I will not elaborate here.

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Careet Options Available After Completing Internet Marketing Course in Ghaziabad

SEO Job Profiles:

  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Intern
  • SEO Content Writer
  • SEO Analyst
  • Backlink Outreach Manager
  • On Page SEO Executive

Social Media Job Profiles:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Social Media Optimizer
  • Social Media Content Curator

Digital Marketing Job Profiles

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Experts
  • Freelance Digital Marketing

Pay-per-click Job Profiles

  • PPC Analyst
  • PPC Specialist
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Digital Marketing Training Course Ghaziabad FAQs

?️How much does digital marketing course cost in Ghaziabad?

At Marketer Academy, compelete digital marketing course Ghaziabad fee is Rs. 25,000.We also provide customize training courses based on trainees requirements and for customized digital marketing courses fee is Rs.7000-25,000 ( This fee structure is for Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Center students only).

?️What are the main modules of digital marketing course?

Our Basic to Expert Digital Marketing Course Program covers all of the core digital marketing modules in depth – WordPress website design, SEO, PPC, social media, conversion optimization, blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance business training, facebook Ads, content marketing, Website analytics, mobile and email marketing etc.

?️Do you provide training for digital marketing jobs in India?

Yes, We provide job oriented digital marketing training at Ghaziabad Center.

?️Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Scope of digital marketing is growing exponentially in India. In digital marketing field, many niche jobs are available- Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Affiliate Marketer. If you have entrepreneurship skills then you can start your own company after learning digital marketing skills.

?️Is Digital Marketing in demand?

A report into hiring trends reveals a growing demand for digital marketing skills. The report, 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends, says 69% of companies planned to hire more marketers in 2018. They need digital skill-sets, and an ongoing digital marketing strategy that is constantly being optimised.

?️How your training program is differ from other Digital Marketing Institutes in Ghaziabad

Other online marketing academies in Ghaziabad or Delhi NCR, talk about only bigger content ( Syllabus) but no one talk about skill. It is easy to get content now these days because of Google, Youtube, Udemy( Online Courses Platform) and other learning platform available on Internet. But When it comes to courses like digital marketing, we need to talk about Psychology, neauroscience that influences customer’s behaviour, & psychology behind engagement and buying behaviour online. -not only tools. In One Sentence – “We understand importance of Concept over content”

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Sambhu: Marketer Academy helped me to choose my right career after BBA. Thanks for helping students like us.


Pallavi Sharma: One of the Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Ghaziabad area. I learnt so much about online marketing and now i have job with handsome salary.Thanks Marketer Academy

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