Pay-Per-Click Advertising What is PPC for beginners

CPC (Pay
Per Click ) CPC— English full name is Cost Per Click; Cost Per Thousand Click-Through. CPC is a pay-per-click advertisement that charges dependent on the occasions a promotion is clicked. For example, keyword advertising generally adopts this pricing model, and the typical ones are AdSense for Content of the Google advertising network and Bing auction advertising of the google alliance.

CPM (Pay
Per Impression) CPM— English full name is Cost Per
ThousandImpression. CPM is a kind of display paid advertisement. As long as the advertisement content of the advertiser is displayed, the advertiser pays for it. This class of advertising is not very effective, but it can bring stable income to websites and blogs with a certain amount of traffic. There are not many alliances that only do CPM advertising, like Taiji Alliance, there are CPM advertising.

CPA (Pay by Action) CPA-
English full name Cost PerAction. CPA is a kind of advertising based on the actual effect of advertising, that is, according to the response to a valid questionnaire or order to charge, without limiting the amount of advertising. The CPA pricing method has certain risks for the website, but if the advertising is successful, its revenue will be much greater than the CPM pricing method.

CPS (Pay
Per Sale) CPS— English full name is Cost Per Sales. CPS is an advertisement that calculates advertising costs based on the actual number of products sold. This class of advertisement is more suitable for shopping, shopping guide, and website navigation websites. It requires precise traffic to bring conversions.

Cost Per Time ) CPT—English full name is Cost Per Time. CPT is a time-based advertisement. Many domestic websites charge according to a fixed fee model of “how much is a month?” This class of advertising could be very complicated and cannot defend the interests of client.. However, CPT is a very worry-free advertisement that can bring stable income to your website and blog.

PPC (click-to-pay advertising)
PPC is the abbreviation of Pay Per Click in English, and its Chinese meaning is pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is the most common form of online advertising for large companies. This method is expensive, but it works well. Such as Baidu bidding, banner ads on Sohu and Sina homepages. This form of advertising is charged like this: starting price + clicks x price per click. The more famous the search engine, the higher the starting price, up to tens or even hundreds of thousands. The price per click is around 0.30 yuan. There are many websites that provide pay-per-click, mainly search engines (Google and Baidu) of major portal sites (such as Sohu and Sina), as well as other sites with large views.

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